Friday, June 12, 2015

Reviews Washington DC - Las Polacas - Ana Fontán por su rol de Margot.

"Margot, another wife, or hustler, played by the full-of-life, expressive Argentine singer Ana Fontán."
In Act II, as the hardened Margot, the essence of resilient cynicism, "Ana Fontán, delivers a stellar show-stopper": “The Mouse Milonga (a relaxed tango)”, as she advises Rachela how, if stuck with a bored husband, to attract a lover and achieve more freedom, “without wiles, there’s no passion”.

 DC Escena Teatro - Por Rosalind Lacy

"Is the Argentina actress Ana Fontan as Margot. Fontan is the definition of a beauty in its role as the most experienced of the two women and confidant of Rachela. Fontan is energetic and sensual in its interpretation, its interpretation of the song "Milonga Pad" is a time to be seen on the show."

DC Metro Theater Arts - Por Anne Vandercook

"Margot (a sparkling Ana Fontan). There appealingly eye-catching performance of Fontan. Fontan brings great detail to an insured party. As a lady who has seen it all, she radiates cynicism and routine."

The Washington Post -